NEW VIDEO: Celebrating Three Years of ‘Amelia’!

I thought I should do something a little special to celebrate three years of what I now just call , a nomadic lifestyle.  Travel hasn’t necessarily been a constant these past few years, but movement has. Whether I was spending a summer SCUBA diving in Utila, or a few months saving money at my parents’ place in Florida, I’ve always been leaning towards the next big place or thing.  As I write this from, yet again, Mom and Dad’s house, you can rest assured knowing that is still the case. I haven’t pinned down the place or thing part just yet, but that’s part of the fun – part of the journey.  Thank you for being a part of it for three years now!

I hope you enjoy this little montage of incredibly scattered and shaky video clips I’ve strung together these past few weeks. From Honduras, Peru and Bolivia, to Australia, Myanmar, Thailand and Rwanda (and so much more) – there’s a little something for everyone. You might even see a familiar face, perhaps your own. Enjoy the video, guys!  I’m already looking forward to creating the next one…

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