Hola, amigos! Welcome aboard. I’m Amelia and I run this joint, but it wasn’t always like that. In 2012, I was Emily. I had my cubicle in the corporate world working for a top tier ad agency. I had an amazing group of friends in Atlanta that ensured I was rarely left with nothing to do. Life was pretty perfect for a single 27- year old, yet something was pulling me.  I wanted more. So I gave it all up and headed south of the border for a 10-month tour of Central and South America. Little did I know, that 10 months would become the rest of my life. A three month stint on my first stop in Utila changed the course of history, and my whole life plan. Emily was left behind in Atlanta and Amelia was born.

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In the two and a half years that I have written this blog, it has become more than a journal of my journeys. It is a philosophy of how to live life. My take on travel has always been an itinerary-less one. Throw out any plans, be wary of Lonely Plant guidebooks and do what scares you. I believe in really getting to know a place, whether it be a big city, small town or entire country. If you move too quickly, you miss the good stuff. While my style of travel may not work for the full-time job & mortgage-paying crowd, it might just open some eyes. When I first began blogging, my mission was to just inspire a few folks. Two years and hundreds of comments & personal messages later, I think I’ve accomplished that. Now, I’d like to take it up a notch and show so many more how long-term travel really is feasible. In travel, as in life, we constantly make sacrifices to get what we want. I may not own a car, a house or a cell phone number at the moment, but I have something greater — something intangible and something rare. I have complete freedom. Sure, I sacrificed a lot to get here, and often times, I miss my friends and the rich relationships I had when I left Atlanta on that early summer morning. The exchange, however, has proved to be more than I bargained for. Even on the tough days, when I don’t know how much longer my money will last and I miss my family to pieces, this lifestyle is still worth it to me. We’re all different, and I get that. This is my happy place and I hope you can appreciate and enjoy it at the very least. Hey, maybe you’ll discover that you dig this idea of travel, or better yet, long-term travel.  A girl can hope, right? Here’s to it!

[If you’d like to read a bit more on how I arrived at the decision to ditch everything and travel, check out my Getting Here post. It was written over two years ago now, so keep that in mind when laughing at my rant on life. Let’s just say, I was really over life as Emily at that point.]


“If you’re brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.”

Paulo Coehlo





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  1. cathy

    Em — uh, I mean Am — I’d love to meet up with you somewhere, most likely in SoAmerica somewhere. Stay curious and safe, you’re going to love this….

  2. Brian

    Morning (or afternoon, depending on where in the world you are!)

    I just wanted to say good luck with your PADI / diving certification, and of course to check up with you about all your amazing journeys and stories! Starla misses you terribly but somehow she is keeping her emotions in check… j/k

    I’m sure you are having an awesome time, but you better be back to FPN at some point so I can treat you to drinks in exchange for anecdotes 😉

    Best, Brian K

  3. Jillian Stacy Mason

    Super jealous of your recent excursions!!! Seriously. Leaving for mine Tuesday (Madrid, Toledo, Malaga, England). Crossing my fingers Scott and I won’t come back!! Haha
    Cheers Em!!!

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    1. The Adventures of Amelia

      Thanks so much! I just scrolled through your stuff and am honored by your interest in my blog. Ha. You’re writing is so far ahead of mine. I really envy that. I could learn from you, so I’m glad you found me. I am already following :) Keep up the writing…please. Fantastic stuff!

  5. Richard Dwiggins

    Not entirely too sure what linked me to this page or made me stay and read instead of just instinctively click back to my search through the “into The Wild” quotes, but I can honestly say I am thankful for whatever force did so. After reading the book and eventually seeing the movie I went through the hardest emotional times i could imagine along with the maturity changes attached to leaving home for college and forcefully coming to the harsh realizations of modern society and its overwhelming dependency on materialism and self-gratification over more chivalrous and deserving beliefs or lifestyle paths. Honestly i referred to “Into The Wild” more than 100 different times in that period of my life and each time I would comprehend each thing he said in a deeper more applicable way and believe that it was the sole reason I was able to get through it all. So i am of course SUPER jealous as described by the previous commentators, and also wish you the best of luck and cant wait to hear all about how gratifying and truly beautiful your life has become! p.s. There is no such thing as an “overabundance” of Into The Wild quotes :)

    1. The Adventures of Amelia

      Hi, Richard! Wow. This was quite a way to start of the year. :) Thank you so much for the kind words and I am absolutely thrilled you stumbled upon this site. I empathize with you and hope you continue to be inspired by all things intangible. Life tends to be much richer that way, doesn’t it? Let me know when you decide to take off on an adventure of your own. I’d love to know all about it. Here’s to 2014 being one giant adventure for you (and me)! :)

  6. Anne Lene

    I stumbled upon your blog (then again.. they say “there are no such things as coincidences 😉 ) and you are reminding me, I need to get back into travelling.

    I used to do a lot of it.. but for a while now.. my travelling have been few and far between. I’m glad I found this.. it just confirmed something I’ve been thinking about for a little while..I NEED to get back to the exciting travels.. it’s what makes my heart sing.. thanks

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